The decision of choosing Greenwood High for our son was the best thing that happened to us. I would like to personally thank Greenwood High for all the endless and enthusiastic efforts in energising and channelising these children and thus making the school their second home in the true sense of the term. We have seen enormous growth in the last 2 years, both in terms of the campus and also activities.
Apart from excelling in classes, Greenwood also guided me in balancing extracurricular interests, shaping my choices about my future and exploring new facets of subjects that I’m interested in. Greenwood High is so much more than just a stepping stone to college. I learned to make meaningful connections, gained inspiration and knowledge from my teachers, learned to network with people all across the globe and developed academically to succeed against all odds.
My 7 year old experience at Greenwood High has been exciting and worthy of reminiscence, that’ll last a lifetime, to say the least. I couldn’t have asked for better teachers and classmates, who have all contributed in making my time here memorable. The moments we cherished as a batch in 2013-2014 will be remembered forever.
The gift of time is that it lets us view the past more favorably. Being a part of the first batch to graduate from Greenwood high, we have each embarked on the journeys that we dreamed of when we were together. Dreams we dreamt of, at a more peaceful, unafraid and unabashed time in our life. Nothing can take away the memories of me and my comrades taking privilege in having such great teachers, staff, excellent facilities and the drive to help the students succeed.
Words can’t do justice to the Greenwood Experience. Great education and extracurricular are not the only things Greenwood provided, it also nourished our personalities. I, myself, have transformed from a shy, introvert, terrified to even make eye contact while speaking, to an outgoing extrovert who loves the stage which provided the opportunity to meet the Ex-President of India, Dr. Abdul Kalam. The support of my teachers and classmates provided were incredible and the main cause of my transformation.