Greenwood High Preschool Jayanagar makes learning fun for kids. Good curriculum, loving teachers, caring staff, safe environment and well-equipped school. It has all the attributes a parent will look for in a good school for their kids. The Center Head Nandini Ma'am and the teachers love children and teach kids with love and empathy. My daughter loves her teachers. Mercy Ma'am and the administration staff are always watchful to ensure that the kids are comfortable and safe. The support staff too is so loving, caring and gentle towards kids. For me, of course the education is good, but the love and care is the stand out feature.
"When Rishit joined Greenwood High Preschool at Gottigere, I believed that it would be a life changing experience for him. He had come from Nursery from a small day care & preschool. From holding the pencil to making him an independent boy, the efforts of Greenwood high teachers and staff are commendable. Rishit learned not only academics but his overall development was appreciated in and out of school premises by relatives and friends. I would like to thank all the teachers and staff and driver's and ayas for all their effort in taking good care of Rishit both professionally and personally. Especial thanks to Parvathy Ma'am (Rishit's teacher- his real mentor, when he didn't know how to hold a pencil to making him speak English) to Shivani Ma' am (who he loves to Moon and back and who he considered to be his best friend), Anitha who was always there whenever I had any doubt in administration query and the center heads (Miss Siva Priya initially and Ms Hema now) for all the help. As now he is heading to main school Banerghatta Road, I hope and pray, he gets the same love, affection and personality development and academic professionalism what he has got in Preschool. Thank you once again Greenwood high Preschool Gottigere for all! "
"Green Wood high – An International school, that, lives up to its motto – “Rooted in Knowledge”. The focus is on making the entire learning process enjoyable. There is equal emphasis on play, extracurricular activities and academics. Apart from a highly impressive infrastructure and an enviable campus (main school – BG Road). We have our son studying in Kindergarten On BG Road and the place is equally impressive, (not from a campus perspective) but for the teachers and staff , who, are driven towards achieving excellence through practical teaching, be it the show and tell program or getting our kids on stage shows on various occasions to boost individual confidence . We found teachers and staff very patient, caring and always willing to go the extra mile to help encourage and make a difference in our child. The uniqueness, that I found here, was the love to go to school every morning ,which , makes believe an enjoyable learning for my son. We are personally happy with the overall progress of our Son in this school and equally excited for him to progress to the main campus, which, is a year away, though. If you are looking for an international school in and around the Bannerghatta region or even south Bangalore ,then, look no further, this is a highly recommended school for all round development of your child."
"I really appreciate for giving us an opportunity to write up beautiful feedback to Nandini and the team at the Jayanagar campus. Brilliant! I'm all thrilled about it. Nayonika my daughter was one amongst the first hand full of students to join the Jayanagar campus. I've seen the campus grow and achieve its goal at a very personal level, interacting with the team at any given point of time to bring up the concerns and the feedback that I thought will be helpful. They are so reachable to you. That is what a parent would want the first. The teachers at the campus are so professionally trained to handle any circumstances and give every kid at most attention. Be it, behavior, Ethics, learning abilities, cultural activities, exposure to nature, stage presence. I can keep going. My daughter definitely has a very strong concrete-like foundation and teachers like pillars to her that every staff in your school will be remembered throughout her journey. Special thanks to Nandini, keep this going. That is all I can say. You are the best."
I'm the parent of Chirag Sahoo, want to take this opportunity to express deep regards to the teachers starting from Nursery till UKG, since it is his last year at Koramangala campus, for doing such a wonderful job with Chirag by making him feel so comfortable in the school and providing him with good care and great learning opportunities.It was your encouragement and positive outlook that made Chirag learn his basic skills in academics and extra curricular, so well. What makes me feel great is Chirag’s interest every morning to go to his school at such an early age. I really appreciate the highly experienced teaching and support staff for their wonderful contributions. Thank you for making his journey of primary education so joyful.
"It’s been a year that my daughter has been going to Greenwood high preschool (Whitefield) and she has always been very happy to go to school.The curriculum Greenwood high school follows the different activities, way of evaluation, its reputation, teaching styles, recognition of child, the exposure given to children, are all the key aspects for a great school. Not to miss, the way Greenwood high celebrates its sports day, annual day and other events. I had never seen schools conducting these events in such high scale. I would first take the opportunity to thank all the teachers in Greenwood high preschool (Whitefield) who have really worked hard to bring out the best in each child.I would personally thank my daughter’s class teacher Ms. Sunandhini to make her feel comfortable, made her Nursery class cheerful and memorable. My daughter has learnt a lot from her school and has become a confident individual. I would surely recommend parents to once think of Greenwood high school while looking out for schools."
Seeking admission for my son at Greenwood High Koramangala PSAC has been one of the best decisions I have taken for him. The school focuses on academic performance and practices on wholesome development of each & every child. It has good facilities, polite & experienced staffs who provide opportunities and encourage students to participate in various forums both academic and non academic. I am thankful to the School's Principal, Centre Head Ms. Nupur and the staffs who are very caring and knowledgeable for inculcating the right values by helping nurture bright, honest & responsible children who will certainly ensure that their school continues to be among the best in Bangalore for many years to come.
The decision of choosing Greenwood High for our son was the best thing that happened to us. I would like to personally thank Greenwood High for all the endless and enthusiastic efforts in energising and channelising these children and thus making the school their second home in the true sense of the term. We have seen enormous growth in the last 2 years, both in terms of the campus and also activities.
Apart from excelling in classes, Greenwood also guided me in balancing extracurricular interests, shaping my choices about my future and exploring new facets of subjects that I’m interested in. Greenwood High is so much more than just a stepping stone to college. I learned to make meaningful connections, gained inspiration and knowledge from my teachers, learned to network with people all across the globe and developed academically to succeed against all odds.
My 7 year old experience at Greenwood High has been exciting and worthy of reminiscence, that’ll last a lifetime, to say the least. I couldn’t have asked for better teachers and classmates, who have all contributed in making my time here memorable. The moments we cherished as a batch in 2013-2014 will be remembered forever.