Greenwood’s Library prepares its students to be effective and efficient users of information by providing print and electronic resources that serve the educational needs of the school community while encouraging a deep appreciation of literature and reading for personal enjoyment.

The IPYP block has its own library which serves our primary students, which include grade one to grade five. Each class in the Primary School visits the library once during the rotation for story times and other literacy activities with the librarians.

The IG-IB School Library (housed in the Main Block) serves grades six to twelve. The dedicated team of librarians is available for in-class visits for help with research skills and books for all students and staff alike. It has grown over the years, and now holds over 15000 books. Most of these books are very good quality, up-to-date, and popular titles from both fiction and non-fiction categories. Besides there are also collections available in French, German, Spanish and Hindi.

In order to make the school library a true information hub, and to support multiple learning activities, a number of computers and printers are being used in library for research and reference. The library also provides a number of useful websites to find information on the internet, and access the digital world. For example, all users can access JSTOR and other digital resources at all times.

Also available in the library are reading and work stations and resource rooms for teachers and students. Students can browse and borrow from the extensive collection, set up individual sessions for research help, study, relax and read current news magazines or meet with teachers in a comfortable setting.