The boarding at Greenwood High provides each student with a supportive family-environment where each student can feel happy and secure. There are two separate hostel blocks, one each for boys and girls, conveniently located at either side of the Cafeteria for ease of access.

Modern amenities like spacious and vibrant bedrooms suitable for accommodating 3 students, superb bath and shower facilities, comfortable common rooms etc. are provided to be at par with the international hostel standards. High standard furnishings including beds, wardrobes, desks, chairs, lights, fans, bookshelves etc. are provided in each room.

House parents oversee the hostels and cater to every big and small requirement of the students, ensuring apt time-management and monitoring their games and outings. Each section of the boarding house has an accommodation for house-parents, affording easy accessibility between students and staff.

The boarding is equipped with the Wi Fi to assist students to keep up with their school work, but it is shut down at sleep time.
“A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”; hence, a broad range of activities and hobbies are provided to the boarders to ensure a holistic development of their personality. The boarders are expected to take part in Table Tennis, Swimming, Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Skating, Cricket and in excursions organised for the boarders.

At Greenwood High, we aspire to inculcate in the child a desire for truth, decorum, courtesy and proficiency in various fields while nurturing them in an environment of positive encouragement.