Every kid is filled with unique talent and capabilities. Greenwood High Pre School in Bangalore presents their individuality along with enhancing and nurturing their social adaptivity. Our associates at Greenwood High School venture into the best aspects to value your little one's inherent qualities. We focus on creating a safe and healthy learning environment that will help children to grow into their best selves. Not only this, but we also nurture our students to grow up for a bright schooling pathway.

The Pre School Activity Centre at the best school in Bangalore has been constructed with the idea and aim of helping children to learn and acquire the relevant education and guidance to take their best foot forward to their future schooling years. At Greenwood High School, we delve into all the different talents, nurture the young curious yet innovative minds to offer them the best platform to showcase their essential skills. Apart from educational and academic sessions, we also delve more into social and cultural activities to get them more engaged with the things they would want to delve into

Our faculty members have got the experience and required skills to educate and nurture the children, enthusing them with the knowledge that will be a gift to the young minds. We assure you that our teachers maintain the holistic learning environment and offer a great pathway to devote their full concentration and attention in educating every individual without any glitches.

Why Greenwood Pre School? Greenwood has been successful in implementing the modern as well as traditional methods of the development of every child's mind. We are here to understand and recognized the ability of the child's mind. We curate the best abilities for developing and mastering the new and enhanced skillsets. Also, the encouragement of different social and cultural activities like enjoying into music, singing, dance and different other art forms along with educational skills. We curate a proper timetable for different forms of exercise as well.

At Greenwood High Pre School, we work on the various traits of the development of the little ones that include -

  • Language and Literacy Skills
  • Environmental Science
  • Cultural and Creative Arts
  • Physical and Mental Fitness
  • Physical Social and Emotional Development
  • Mathematical & Logical Skills
  • Overall Development For Future Schooling Years

At Greenwood high school, the kids will be welcomes with spacious, well-ventilated and colourful classrooms for the bright minds. With an outdoor area for playing, we ensure the complete safety and child-friendly environment.