Happy to announce that Greenwood High Pre-School is launching a new branch soon at JP Nagar 3rd Phase, Bangalore.

Greenwood high Jaya Nagar Pre School

With the idea of acquiring the best education and excellence, the best preschool in JP Nagar, Bangalore, Greenwood High School offers the holistic environment to the preschoolers. Our teachers cater to the best academic excellence along with the widened scope to co-curricular activities.

Embarking with enhanced educational excellence, parents are going to see the brightest side of their children's future ahead. With the same values, philosophy and methodologies, our mission is to educate the young minds in the best way possible. We are here to nurture in making them well-rounded, responsible citizens, rooted in the culture of India. At the Preschool in JP Nagar, our students will develop their confidence and continue to remain the innocent ones winning everyone's heart.

At Greenwood High School JP Nagar, we offer the best facilities and academic excellence. Not just restricted to educational background, we have also included several co-curricular activities for the students to delve into. They will come across different segments to indulge in. Not just that, we help the young minds involve themselves in something they want to be the best at. This could be the step to securing the best foot forward for the development and schooling of our students.

We have an open air space and a friendly environment to make every child comfortable. We leave no stone unturned in offering the best available in terms of facilities. Not just this, Greenwood High School offers its commitments towards the safety and development of the students. It is the commitment and proficiency of the faculty in presenting all our students with the opportunity and the comforts in the school that will be nurturing as well as help in coming out of the challenges coming their way.

Be a part of the Greenwood.

Give your children the bright and fruitful future they deserve.

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Faculty Members at Greenwood high Preschool, JayanagarAt Greenwood High Pre-School Activity Center Jayanagar, children are given utmost attention and are provided with a homely and a safe atmosphere. The little children who have just started going to school and are exploring a whole new world are under the care and guidance of our extremely well trained and dedicated staff.

At Greenwood High, our faculty is highly trained to impart a broad and balanced program of study to our students without compromising the core values and ethics of our culture. The syllabus here is pre-arranged on global standards to make the process of learning not only a purposeful one but also a blissful experience as well.

The school aims at creating an amiable environment through its unique infrastructure and activities for the overall personality development of the student by inculcating a spirit of healthy competition, team work, and cooperation for positive contributions towards the family and community as a whole. An enthusiastic and thoroughly professional faculty ensures the overall growth of the student with an innovative and humanistic educational approach.


We are hiring for our Jayanagar Pre-school campus. If you are interested to apply for teaching position please mail your resume to [email protected]


"Please visit us with prior appointment between 9.00 am to 3.00 pm any day from Monday to Friday and on Saturday between 9.00 am to 12.00 pm. The admission office will give detailed information about the school, methodology, facilities, fee structure and guide you with the admission procedure followed by a campus tour.

Greenwood High believes in the principle that a good liberal education is a participative process, in which the child is a key participant. In keeping with the spirit of this principle, we will interact with the child in combination with a written exercise .This will facilitate us in understanding the child's readiness for the class to which you have applied. The Principal will meet the parent with the child and on his approval parents can proceed with the admission."

The following documents are required during admission:

-        Birth Certificate copy

-        1 passport size photo

-        Immunization record

-        Local address proof

-        Residential permit / Visa copy / Passport copy (foreign students)

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The curriculum is designed to cater to the multiple intelligence of the child which makes learning a very enjoyable experience. Our motto “Rooted in Knowledge” aims at sowing the seed of knowledge ingrained with values among them through best practices adopted from around the world.

GAIT (Grooming Artistic Innovation and Talent)

GAIT is a one of a kind program that uses techniques from dance & theatre as tools to help children learn and practice critical thinking and creativity. We are looking forward to bringing energy, fresh perspectives and innovative classes that will have your students thinking, exploring and creating all year round! GAIT is pleased to be your partner in making a lasting difference to the way our children think, observe, create and engage with the work around them – skills that they will cherish for a lifetime!

Soccer & Basketball
• Outdoor play enables children to enjoy the natural environment and breathe fresh air.
• Specialized teachers in sports not only nurture the spirit of sportsmanship but also work on their cardiovascular health, hand eye coordination, strength and flexibility.

• Our carefully designed Yoga curriculum helps to creates an awareness of one’s body, builds confidence and self-esteem.
• Concentration through breathing and meditation work wonders with children as they are more focused in the class.

• Children exposed to Chess at an early age encourages strategic thinking and improves their attention span, memory and IQ.

Music & Dance
• Lessons in music develops an ear for music
• Dancing builds motor skill and improves self-expression.

Art and Craft
• Exposure to art & craft nurtures creativity and develops fine motor skills and hones sensorial learning. Children take pride in their handcrafted work and are motivated to better themselves craft after craft.

School Life

Give Your Children The Bright AndFruitful Future They Deserve.



Greenwood High Pre-school – Jayanagar

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