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Are you looking for a reliable school to help your kid with early learning facilities? Well, when it comes to playschool in Bangalore, there is none better than Greenwood in the business. Yes, with them, not only your child will be benefitted from excellent education facilities but also a holistic environment to learn and get ready for schooling. We understand each and preschoolers individually and help them get over this unique period prepared for the future.

Our team makes sure that every child gets the benefit of co-curricular activities which will help them understand different aspects and exclusively grow in different domains. Our different programs will nurture their brain to the fullest and give them the best of opportunity to enhance their skills. This is the reason why we have become the best preschool in Bangalore and are always committed to serve you with the top standard service which will go a long way to help your child get prepared for the future.

We have specially designed programs in the form of playgroup, nursery, LKG, and UKG to assist your child with different activities. You can always trust us as we get your child ready in the best possible way to have an excellent academic life. Our prime objective has always been to help our students get the best guidance which will give them the confidence to deal with high school life. Our team has all the required capabilities to make sure that your child is getting a very strong foundation professionally and academically.

If you are still looking for nearby playschool then going for Greenwood high Bannerghatta centre is certainly the right choice. Below mentioned are the reason why you need to connect with us for your child’s early learning needs, take a look:

PSED – Physical Social and Emotional Development: We have a highly trained team to help your child enhance interaction skills with the PSED course. With so many other students, they will learn to engage in conversations while performing a task together and exclusively enhance emotional skills as well. So, our experts will help your child enhance their understanding socially and emotionally through a variety of activities.

Language and Literary: Another important aspect which your child will be benefited from while registering their name with us is the enhancement in Language and literary skills. Our skilled team will understand every single child individually and enhance their language skills by performing different activities. From reading to writing, we will help you with different approaches which will certainly help your child get a better understanding of these skills.

Mathematical & Logical Skills: Our team will also help your child get a complete understand of different mathematical and logical skills. Our different activities will certainly help your child get detailed mathematical logic and understand. Yes, we will clear the basics and help them understand the process of calculation and make them ready for the upcoming schooling. The logical skills will also get a boost with our trained team taking responsibility and guiding them accordingly.

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EVS – Environmental Science: Our environment-friendly space will help them also get a basic idea about EVS. We will help your child get a brief understand of nature and different natural activities through a unique and fun approach. So, this will certainly help your child get excellent understand skills regarding the natural happenings around him or her.

Creative and Performing arts: We have special experts working with us to help your child learn through different performing and creative arts. Yes, whether it is about music, dancing, or painting, we will help your child get the best out of him or her and showcase their talent which will make them clear about what are the different fields for them to work upon.

Physical and Mental fitness: Through different activities, we will also help your child with complete mental and physical training that will help them learn the importance of it. You can be assured that the learning foundation of your child will be good enough to pave the way for success in the future.

So, whenever you are looking for a reliable playschool, always consider going for Greenwood high Bannerghatta centre. It is a perfect space for your child to learn, grow, and be prepared for the future!

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Faculty Members at Greenwood High Preschool, Bannerghatta
Our state-of-the-art infrastructure is strongly supported by our well qualified and dedicated team of teachers, who provide a stimulating and creative learning environment for your child. Our teachers carefully work on these inquiring minds, build their self-esteem, which ultimately paves the way for a well-rounded personality.


At Greenwood High, we strongly believe that a happy teacher greatly contributes to build a happy environment. We lookout for teachers who are not only strong in academics but are also passionate professionals who are excellent team players. Interested candidate can mail their resume at [email protected]

Admission Procedure

To complete the admission formalities, you can register online through our website, followed by a visit to the school with your ward.
Please visit us with prior appointment between 9.00 am to 3.00 pm any day from Monday to Friday and on Saturday between 9.00 am to 12.00 pm. We would be happy to share information about our school and guide you with the admission procedure followed by a campus tour.
Greenwood High believes in the principle that a good liberal education is a participative process, in which the child is a key participant. In keeping with the spirit of this principle, we will interact with the child in combination with a written exercise. This will facilitate us in understanding the child's readiness for the class to which you have applied. The Principal will meet the parent with the child and on his approval parents can proceed with the admission formalities.

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Give Your Children The Bright AndFruitful Future They Deserve.

The curriculum is designed to cater to the multiple intelligence of the child which makes learning a very enjoyable experience. Our motto “Rooted in Knowledge” aims at sowing the seed of knowledge ingrained with values among them through best practices adopted from around the world.

GAIT (Grooming Artistic Innovation and Talent)

GAIT is a one of a kind program that uses techniques from dance & theatre as tools to help children learn and practice critical thinking and creativity. We are looking forward to bringing energy, fresh perspectives and innovative classes that will have your students thinking, exploring and creating all year round! GAIT is pleased to be your partner in making a lasting difference to the way our children think, observe, create and engage with the work around them – skills that they will cherish for a lifetime!

Soccer & Basketball
• Outdoor play enables children to enjoy the natural environment and breathe fresh air.
• Specialized teachers in sports not only nurture the spirit of sportsmanship but also work on their cardiovascular health, hand eye coordination, strength and flexibility.

• Our carefully designed Yoga curriculum helps to creates an awareness of one’s body, builds confidence and self-esteem.
• Concentration through breathing and meditation work wonders with children as they are more focused in the class.

• Children exposed to Chess at an early age encourages strategic thinking and improves their attention span, memory and IQ.

Music & Dance
• Lessons in music develops an ear for music
• Dancing builds motor skill and improves self-expression.

Art and Craft
• Exposure to art & craft nurtures creativity and develops fine motor skills and hones sensorial learning. Children take pride in their handcrafted work and are motivated to better themselves craft after craft.

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