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Greenwood High is one of the few schools that strikes a perfect balance between academics and extra-curricular. Here, the management is in tune with each child’s unique needs and skills, and one that prepares the child to become a well-rounded adult.

Greenwood High ICSE School at Bannerghatta strongly believes that we are not born with a set intelligence level which cannot be changed. It is a continuous process of stimulating and unlocking the potential of all our students. The students are made to perform many creative and logical activities that challenge their brain. In this way, students are able to create new pathways for a better functioning mind and reinforce the old pathways.

Activities like THOTS (The higher order thinking skills, GAIT, CHESS, Art, Yoga, Music, Sports like basketball, football, swimming, reading, travelling) are all part of every child’s curriculum. Entailing these activities as part of the curriculum has not only helped students focus on academics but it also helps them with time management skills that is very crucial for later on in life.

The perfect correlation between academics and extracurricular activities help our students to get better grades by teaching them character building lessons, teaching them lifelong skills and helps students develop social skills. While focusing on communication skills, we also aim at developing critical competencies such as collaboration, creativity, and collaboration in our students.
All these are vital to a human being’s life and being able to function in a real-world scenario.


At Greenwood High ICSE School, Bannerghatta we follow the ICSE board (under the auspices of the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, CISCE). The syllabus follows a self-involving structure of education where students are able to perform better practical applications. As the ICSE certificates are accepted by most of the schools and colleges around the world, it is recommended for parents those who have to move to different countries. The ICSE syllabus is an advantage for children who wish to move to IB or IGCSE as it focuses on detailed study of each subject with an edge over English.


The first few weeks of the academic year is focused on determining students’ learning style and intelligence potential. The school imbibes American cognitive psychologist and author Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences.
"We have this myth that the only way to learn something is to read it in a textbook or hear a lecture on it. And the only way to show that we've understood something is to take a short-answer test or maybe occasionally with an essay question thrown in. But that's nonsense. Everything can be taught in more than one way." — Howard Gardner, 1997


Greenwood High ICSE School, Bannerghatta has a remarkable state-of-the-art infrastructure designed to provide the best opportunities to our students. The properly planned school infrastructure is an out-and out key factor in effective teaching and learning. We understand schools being the second home, serve a number of purposes in a child’s life, the infrastructure is meticulously planned keeping in mind, ventilated classrooms, huge playgrounds, libraries, refurbished blocks that separate primary and secondary sections, well-equipped laboratories that enable students to perform lab activities effectively.

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