Greenwood High Won Inter School Chess Title – 2020

Greenwood High International School Won the 11th Vidyashilp Academy Inter School Chess championship for the successive 3rd year and made a hatric. Greenwood won 22 prizes from total 8 Categories and won the Winners Trophy. Host Vidyashilp Academy won 9 prizes overall and got the Runner Up trophy. 496 Children from 43 Schools took part in this mega event.

The tournament was held on 20th February 2020 at Vidyashilp Academy School Campus.

Greenwood High Students who won Prizes in different categories are as Follows:

Category D; (Grade 6th .7th and 8th Students);

BOYS Category: 1st Place; Shubh Jayesh Laddha (6 points).  3rd place:  Yash Jayesh ladha (5.5. points).

 5th place;. Vrishank Peddireddi (5.5 points).  6th Place;. Nishanth.S. Gowda (5.5. points)

GIRLS Category: 1. Anya Seth Syed (6.5 points)  2. Zoya Nizar (6.5. Points). 3. Shruthi Praveen (5.5. points). 4. Aashi Agarwal (5.5 Points) 8. Shraddha Somanath (4.5 Points).

Category C:( Grade 4 and 5 Students);

Boys Category:  2. Yash Abhijit Patil (6.5. points).  8. Vasanth.C 5 points)

Girls Category: 2. Nikita Nale( 6 points).  3. Adya Sastry (6 points). 5. Tanirika Sajjan ( 5.5 Points).

Category B: ( Grade 2 and 3):

Boys Category:  2. Sarthak Sharma (6 Points).

Girls Category: 1. Kyra Seth Syed (6.5 Points). 5. Sashi Razdaan( 5 points). 8.Shambhavi Banerjee (5 points)

  Category A: ( Grade 1):

Boys Category: 7. Shubhankar Joshi ( 5 points)

Girls Category: 3. Poorvika Avinash (5 points). 6. Nisarga. G.P(4.5 points).

Congratulations to all the Prize Winners!!!

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