ICSE Valedictory Ceremony Jan 2013

January 28th, 2013 – a day earmarked in the school calendar as a special day, was the day the Greenwood High family bid fond farewell to the outgoing batch of ICSE Class X students. It was the day the students took centre stage; a day the faculty experienced mixed feelings of pride and sadness, while the parents looked on joyfully; a day that will forever be etched in the collective consciousness of Greenwood High as covering yet another milestone in this beautiful journey of togetherness. It was the most awaited moment of the year for the outgoing batch- their Valedictory Function.Walking down the aisle in all their splendour, with their heads held high, the VIP’s of the evening – the outgoing batch of students, took their much coveted places. The solemn music that ushered them in set the tone for the rest of the evening.  The symbolic lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest, His Excellency Shri J.B.Pattnaik- Governor of Assam, the Chairman of Greenwood High, Mr. Bijay Agarwal and the Principal, Mr. Aloysius D’ Mello,  took on an added significance as did the invocation that followed.  The Principal then gave his dear students the greatest gift of all – his blessings and wishes for each student to make giant contributions to the society.

More blessings followed in the form of the inspiring speech by the Chief Guest. His Excellency Shri J.B.Pattnaik- Governor of Assam in his address shared his childhood memories and advised the students to pursue a goal and to strive to make a difference in this world. Each student then had his\her moment of glory as he\she proudly walked up on stage to receive a memento. This was followed by the most solemn moment of the entire ceremony-the taking of the oath led by Mr. Bijay Agarwal followed by his positive message to the children to make a change to the nation.

The Valedictory speeches touched many hearts and brought tears to many eyes, as the students nostalgically reflected upon their journey in Greenwood High and expressed their heartfelt gratitude for all the learning received through the years. Representing the parent body, Mrs. Sangeeta Mehrotra, the mother of Sawini Mehrotra, spoke highly of the role played by Greenwood High in nurturing the all-round development of its students.

Throughout the ceremony, the Choir had the audience in rapture with the soulful rendering of many a song. The students put up a colourful dance performance as a parting gift to their seniors. The teachers through their song “HEADED FOR THE FUTURE” envisioned the bright future that lay ahead for the batch about to make its way into a new phase of life, a brand new world.  Amidst an enchanting Choir ensemble, the memorable function drew to a close, with the outgoing students’ leaving the amphitheatre with mixed emotions. The aisle of the darkened amphitheatre was lit brilliantly by the candle light that shone from the candles carried by the outgoing batch, to symbolise the light that Greenwood High will continue to shine, to light up their chosen pathway in life. The dignitaries, proud parents and teachers followed them to partake in a sumptuous celebratory dinner.




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